What You’re Looking For is Right Under Your Nose

Let’s talk about you. And all the many things you hope to do in this lifetime.

Click Play to Listen Now. I really believe this episode of the podcast today will spark something new for you.

Again and again, in my life, I am reminded that I am not from here. We are not from here. We have incarnated on this beautiful planet at this time to effect important changes in the world. The way we do that is by exhausting ourselves to the service of mankind.

Each one of us comes with a divine gift. And this gift has been entrusted upon you as the tool for accomplishing your task on Earth. You have been given many tools, some of them you have uncovered and others yet to surface.

I learned very early on that I could do just about anything if I could conceive it. And the one thing that has helped me accomplish many things is this philosophy: “You always have what you need where you are.”

This one sentence is the driving force of my life and has helped me achieve incredible things. I hope this episode was enlightening for you today and that you learned something new.

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